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About Us.

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The Kearney Matcat Wrestling Club is a result of the hard work and selfless volunteerism of the Kearney Wrestling community. The Matcats are celebrating their 21st year of success (established in 2000)on mats around the state as well as around the nation. We practice at the Kearney High School Wrestling Room. The program is designed to take all levels of wrestlers and challenge them to become a better student athlete and improve their wrestling technique. We have many different levels of wrestlers in the practice room any given night. Wrestlers range from the first time wrestlers all the way up to National Champions.

The Kearney Matcats have been a major factor in getting future wrestlers started on the path to success as they climb the wrestling ladder to the top. Numerous Nebraska High School State Champions and place winners have started on the mats as young Matcats, along with several wrestlers who went on to compete at the collegiate level. We feel it’s our job to plant the seed, provide quality opportunities and challenge young wrestlers to not only become better wrestlers but to become better people that will continue to be part of the “WRESTLING FAMILY” for many years to come. If you want your child to be a part of an organization that will challenge them to become a better wrestler and person, join the Kearney Matcats Wrestling Club!

Thank You,
Kearney Matcat Board of Directors

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