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Frequently Asked Questions

The Matcat Program & Practice Expectations
The Program & Practice

What ages do Matcats serve?

The Matcat program is intended for wrestlers from Pre-School to 8th grade. We divided up our practices into two age groups. PreK-2nd and 3rd to 8th.

Where are the practices located? 

All practices are located at either Sunrise Middle School or Kearney High School depending on age level. 

What gear is required for practice?

Wrestlers typically practice in shirt, shorts and wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes are the only wrestling specific gear that is recommended. Wrestling shoes for the youngest guys just trying wrestling for the first time are not required but we ask shoes that are worn have clean bottoms free of rocks. Headgear is also optional. Typically, wrestlers do not practice in a singlet but are allowed to if they would like.

What is the USA Wrestling Card?

The Matcats provide a Limited Folkstyle membership. This serves as a secondary insurance policy for incidents that occur at a Nebraska USA Wrestling events and practice. (Matcats are a USA club so our practices are covered.) For more info go to

Are parents allowed in practice?

Parents are welcome to attend all practices. The Matcats are built off parent volunteers and we appreciate all the help we can get at practices. 

When is the Matcat Season?

The standard Matcat program typically starts the first week in January and varies in length depending on the program on choice. Our Advanced season also includes preseason practices that start in November. 

Can my child wrestle up an age group for practices?

If your child is interested in wrestling up, the coaches will evaluate each kid on a case by case basis. We typically expect them to have wrestled for at least two years and are mature enough to handle a faster paced practice. All need to be approved by a Matcat coach!

How are kids matched up at practice?

We do our best to split kids up by size, age and skill level. In the 3rd to 8th-grade practice, we will often split parts of practice up between the elementary kids and the middle school.

Do I need an AAU or Huskerland card?

We do not require an AAU or Huskerland card. They are not typically needed unless you attend an AAU specific event. 

If there is a snow day or bad weather, will there be practice?

Anytime KPS cancels school due to weather, there will be no practice. In the event that bad weather develops later in the day, we will make a determination on practice on a case-by-case basis. It is recommended to check our Facebook page for the most current update.  

Competition & Tournament Expectations

Is my kid required or expected to wrestle in competition?

No, we do not require any wrestlers to compete in competitions. It is completely up to the parents & wrestlers on when they would like to start competition. We recommend that parents ease their child into competition. If your child is enjoying competing then they can continue to compete, if your child is not enjoying competitions then it is ok to just practice! Success at the youth level should not be measured by wins and losses more on your child’s enjoyment and growth in the sport! Learn more about competition under our program philosophy page.

What gear is required for competition?

Wrestlers typically wrestle in singlet and wrestling shoes. However, most tournaments do not require wrestlers to wear a singlet.  Headgear requirements vary by tournament but at the youth level is typically not required. Starting in 2017 fight shorts and compression tops are officially an accepted uniform option. More info here:

What tournaments are Matcat Coaches at?

The tournaments attended by coaches vary week to week and year to year. However, we typically announce during practices the tournaments that coaches will be at that week.

Are tournaments included in the price of Matcats?

No, the price of Matcats does not include any competitions (Unless your child qualifies for a Matcat Dual team).

How do I register my child for competitions?

The majority of wrestling tournaments are run through a website called Trackwrestling. You will typically be able if find and register for any tournament you would like on there. For more info on how to use Trackwrestling, visit out Trackwrestling Help page.

Comptition & Tournament Expectations
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